Wordless Hope
Julkaisija: Solitude Productions

Doomy and gloomy are the musical waves that sway out from this recording. It was this French band’s debut album from year 2006 and it has now been reissued by Solitude Productions. The music is based on traditonal death-doom of the 1990’s, so names like Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride can be traced as obvious influences. The songs are between five and eleven minutes of length, and dreamy guitar leads and keyboard structures are mixed in a harsh, dark wall of mostly slow guitar riffs.

Well, this is not the most unique way to play metal music but still there’s some honest feeling and freedom of spirit in these compositions. Somehow the songs seem to take hold of the listener and the minutes go by without being bored. There’s some repetition in the riffs but not too much. Vocals are mostly well done but nothing spectacular: harsh growling, companied by suffering-like moaning, and also some spoken parts which increase the dramatic effect but may in some cases also sound a little humoristic.

The first song is the longest one and maybe it’s also the best. At first it sounds like nothing extraordinary, but slowly it switches to second gear, gains some extra power, returns gently to same themes and countinues its journey through moods of depression, bitterness and some hints of hope. The rest of the album is also quite good. The instruments have some kind of sloppines in their playing together but in this case it’s a good thing, as it brings some human touch and heart to the outcome. On one song there are also female vocals, and the last track is a beautiful instrumental. At worst Wordless hope is a little boring and seems to drag on too apathetically but at best it offers some touching and crushing emotional visions.

Seppo Rautio