INBORN SUFFERING – Regression to Nothingness

Regression into Nothingness
Julkaisija: Solitude Productions


Here we have the second album from French death-doomsters Inborn Suffering. Just like on the previous album, various progressive and psychedelic elements can also be heard in these songs. Compared to the debut, music now seems a little bit tighter and focused and the songs have this certain inner knowledge in them, a kind of stable identity.

So, the riffs and the drumming roll on quite naturally. On the other hand, one can quite easily guess beforehand what’s going to happen on the record. Fortunately there are some more aggressive parts, as well as some really peaceful and sad moments. Guitars sound slightly thicker than on the debut, and the vocalist’s clean moaning fits better in the music, not being so over-dramatized and it is not used too often. The growling is good too, not awesome but a little above average. His angrier shouts really work well as they increase the energy to the rendition of lyrics. Many of these six songs fail to interest me when they start, but they offer some great changes of mood and pace as they go on. Overall, the album is full of well-executed musical presentations of anxiety and dark feelings. Still, some stronger intensity, depth and personality would gain this album more emotional power. As my favorite songs I would pick Grey Eden and Self Contempt Kings.

Seppo Rautio