HEAVY DAYS IN DOOMTOWN osa II – lehdistötiedote

Kööpenhaminassa järjestetään toukokuun alussa toista kertaa doom metaliin, sludgeen ja stoneriin erikoistunut nelipäiväinen festivaali. Järjestäjät ovat suurilta osin samoja, jotka ovat aiemmin tehneet Kill-Town Death Festin tunnetuksi ympäri maailmaa.

Mukaan soittamaan on haalittu yli kolmekymmentä bändiä maailman eri kolkista, Suomen mainetta pitävät tällä kertaa yllä Dark Buddha Rising, Hexvessel ja Seremonia. Festivaali ei rajoitu pelkästään musiikkiin, vaan ohjelmistoon kuuluu lukuisia taidenäyttelyitä sekä elokuvaesityksiä. Näyttelyissä kotimaista väriä edustavat ainakin Sami Hynninen, Maija Lahtinen ja Kristiina Lehto.

Ohessa virallinen lehdistötiedote.

-A DIY celebration of all things slow and heavy

Danish doom/sludge/stoner festival in Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2nd-5th 2013

Heavy Days In Doomtown is proud to announce this years line-up! It will consist of no less than 5 bands that will have their first show in Europe ever and will bring you a wide variety of slow and heavy bands from around the world. Besides the music we are also hosting a number of exhibitions and installations from a selected crowd of international artists that we feel are connected to the aesthetics of the music presented on this festival.

Pagan Altar (uk) / Cough (us) / Mournful Congregation (aus) Graves at Sea (us) / Conan (uk) / Kadavar (d) / Samothrace (us) / Moss (uk) / Bell Witch (us) / Danava (us) / Procession (swe) / Saturnus (dk) / Hexvessel (fin) / Meth Drinker (nz) / Dark Buddha Rising (fin) / Belzebong (pl) / Siena Root (swe) / High Priest of Saturn (n) / Toner Low (nl) / Skraeckoedlan (swe) / Resonaut (n) / Saturnalia Temple (swe) / Alunah (uk) / Shadow of the Torturer (us) / Bottom Feeder (dk) / Huata (fr) /Seremonia (fin) / Nocturnal (swe) / Troubled Horse (swe) / Heat (d) / Lecherous Gaze (us) / Øresund Space Collective feat. Tom Sutton (ex. Church of Misery) (dk/swe)

Exhibitions by 13th Sign Collective (d)/ Comaworx trio: Manuel Tinnemans (nl), Timo Ketola (swe) and Sami “Albert Witchfinder” Hynninen (fin) / Dennis Dread (us) / Kristiina Lehto (fin) / Arrache toi un oeil (fr) / Maija Lahtinen (fin) and more…

2 stages, 32 bands, 4 days of doom, stoner, sludge, retro and psych with one of the most dedicated international crowds all organized and run by volunteers.

+moviescreenings, artinstallations, projections, happenings, chillout, merch area, vegan foodstands, cocktails, spaced out fun and more!

The festival is going to last 4 days at 2 different venues in Copenhagen:
-A warmup show and opening exhibition at the alternative venue, Stengade, Stengade 18
-3 days of music, art, events and madness at the DIY volunteer/activist driven social centre Ungdomshuset, Dortheavej 61

The festival is organized DIY which means that neither the organizers, the bands or the people who work at the fest are making any profit, and our main purpose besides having an amazing fest full of heavy music, is to promote DIY principles to the genres who don’t usually organize this way. We have done this by showing that things can be done professionally and with passion for both good sound, good treatment for bands and artists, good music, along with keeping it DIY and anti-commercial.

Besides music, we’re inviting a bunch of great artists again to come and make installations, visuals and more before and during the festival to make the experience of the fest visual as well as musical. We believe that this aspect of the fest really added to the special atmosphere, we have received much praise for it and hope to top it next year. We would like to attract well known artists as well as promote lesser known up and coming artists.

The festival is organized by the cultural Association ”Undergrundsmusikens Fremme” (translated: Undergroundmusic promotion) based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The association has for the past three years been organizing the successful DIY Death Metal Festival ”Kill-Town Death Fest” as well as the first edition of Heavy Days in Doomtown in May of 2012.

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